Exocet.jpg (52274 bytes)

KRI Fatahillah is launching exocet missile during military exercise


kri.jpg (24922 bytes)

Indonesian navy ship patrols the sea


kri nala.jpg (8388 bytes)

KRI Nala during military exercise


KRI-Nuku (373).jpg (45597 bytes)

RI Nuku (373), and in the background is KRI Untung Surapati (372) on maneuver. Both are Parchim-class corvettes


kri arum.jpg (87941 bytes)

KRI Arun, Fleet oiler


dewaruci.jpg (173251 bytes)

KRI Dewaruci, Indonesian Navy sail training ship


submarine.jpg (87816 bytes)

KRI Cakra


kri-pandrong.jpg (35357 bytes)

KRI Pandrong, one of Navy's FPB built by PT. PAL (Indonesian Navy's Shipyard)


863.jpg (59509 bytes)

A mixture of several vessels of TNI AL. Shown KRI Multatuli (561), the largest vessel on the right. The smaller vessel (863) is Navy small patrol boats.


sut.jpg (9680 bytes)

SUT (Surface and Underwater Target) torpedo, one of the weapon system made by Indonesian Aerospace.


mar-btr50-12.jpg (102018 bytes)

A marine APC is going inside an LST.