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Below are several sources from where I gathered data and pictures for building this web page

Internet sites (Alphabeticallty listed)

  1. Angkasa On Line
  2. AP Photo
  3. Asia Letter
  4. CDI Organization
  5. Detikcom
  6. FAS
  7. Jane's Defence
  8. Kompas On Line
  9. Satunet
  10. Scramble Magazine, Netherlands
  12. TNI-AL Homepage

Books (Alphabeticallty listed)

  1. Armed Force of Indonesia, Robert Lowry
  2. Korps Marinir TNI-AL, first print 5 August 1996, ISBN : 979-8387-02-3

Persons (Alphabeticallty listed)

  1. Bung Adiawan
  2. Bung Aripin L (especially for scanning some pictures from Korps Marinir book)
  3. Bung Donny
  4. Bung Erid
  5. Bung Gogor
  6. Bung Rizal

Others useful sources that I forgot