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mar-pt76-05.jpg (98827 bytes)

PT-76 on the move. The new gun looks like the one in Scorpion.


mar-pt76-06.jpg (54935 bytes)

PT-76s during a dawn amphibious landing exercise.


AMX-10P_marine_Indonesia_02.jpg (104856 bytes)

AMX-10 PAC 90


martank.jpg (19527 bytes)

BMP Infantry Fighting Vehicle


mar-btr50-10.jpg (160931 bytes)

FN-GPMG mount at the back of a BTR-50.


mar-btr50-07.jpg (339831 bytes)

A back shot of BTR-50 during traning.


mar-pt76-10.jpg (100013 bytes)

Several Marine armored vehicle.


pt-76.jpg (22560 bytes)

PT 76 on water


PT-76Mar.jpg (65161 bytes)

A PT 76 during amphibious beach landing


PTS-Mmarfoto.jpg (29039 bytes)

PTS-M Amphibious Tracked Vehicle