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Flyer FAV

This vehicle is used by the Army Special Forces (Kopassus). The Army originally planned to acquire 160 of them. There are no exact information on how many the army has. Some said the economic turmoil that happened in 1997  forced army to receive only 2 of them , the other said that the army receive 26 of them from Australia, and was stopped due to East Timor problem.


Cakra FAV

This is believed to be Indonesian made fast attack vehicle. No information on how many the army has. Its first public appearance is during KOSTRAD anniversary celebration



Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender is the standard utility vehicle for Indonesian Army, replacing the ageing Jeep CJ-5 and CJ7. The army has received this vehicle since the beginning of the 80s till late 90s. They are approximately more than 2000 defender that in service with the army. All of them are the wide body version, with some are long chassis and some are short chassis. Most of them are equipped with machine gun.


Kopassus soldier in a rover


Kopassus soldier in a rover


Regular army in a rover

Rover own by Military Police. As you can see there is a CJ-7 jeep still in use



Motorcycles is rarely used by Indonesian army. It is only used by the Military Police, Rapid reaction strike forces, and anti-riot forces.


Rapid reaction strike force in action


Military Police in their motorcycles