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40 mm L 70 Anti Aircraft Gun

The L70 is a very powerful gun and is the main gun on the StrF 9040. Worldwide the different models have also been mounted on Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft vehicles, such as the M19, M42 Duster, M247 "Sergeant York" and LvKV 90. Furthermore, most armies using this gun have also temporarily mounted them on trucks to increase their mobility. The 40mm round is the most powerful and versatile medium-caliber round in the world, its APFSDS-T being 15% more powerful than the 30mm NATO round.

This gun was acquired by the army during 1980s. In service with KOSTRAD Air Defence Corps and some Regional Military Commands


Bofors 40mm L/70 anti aircraft gun in KOSTRAD


these are Soviet S-60 57mm L/77 AA gun with 'pepperpot' muzzle break
Chinese Type 59 towed AA gun is a copy of the S-60.

S-60 57mm L/77 with Army Air Defence Corps. The S-60 uses a optical sighting with no radar.
The addition of a 'Flap Wheel' or 'Flap Can' enhances its sighting capability.


20 mm Rheinmetall Mk 20

20mm Rheinmetall Mk 20 Rh 202 air defence gun is equipt with a on board power (petrol) supply.
the Mk 20 has an excellent combination of accuracy using a computerized optical sight.

Not enough info on when did the army acquire it or what part of the army use it.


20mm Rheinmetall Mk 20 Rh 202 air defence gun


RBS 70

The missile is man portable and can be used independently. To best protect an area, the firing units should be placed 4 km from each other. Normally, a PS-70 Giraffe search (40 km) and track (20 km) radar hands off targets to the laser beam riding missile. (article taken from

Army received 42 of them in 1990s. All of them are in service with KOSTRAD Air Defence Corps

RBS 70


Giraffe Radar



The Rapier Low-Level Air Defence (LLAD) Missile System was developed by the British Aircraft Corporation to meet the requirements of the British Army and RAF (Royal Air Force) for a mobile Surface-to-Air (SAM) System. 

The basic clear-weather (Optical) Rapier System consists of a fire unit (the Launcher), an Optical Tracker, and a generator. The Launcher has four Rapier Missiles in the ready-to-launch position, a Surveillance Radar, Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) System, Command Transmitter and Launcher Computer. (Article taken from Singapore rapier)

Army received this device around 1980s. This device are in service with Military Command (KODAM) in Northern Sumatra, Borneo, and Java.