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Saladin are in service with Indonesian Army since 1970s. Army was believed to have more than hundred of them, but only 70+ are in working condition right now. These vehicle are in service with Military Command (KODAM) in Borneo, Sulawesi, Moluccas, and Bali, and KOSTRAD Reconnaissance Company.

The turret seems to be similar in shape with Australian M113 Close Support Vehicle. Main gun is 50mm and secondary armament is an FNC LMG. a commercially manufactured winch is added on the lower part of the glacis plate. All driver's periscopes has been painted over.


Saladin during Kostrad anniversary celebration


Saladin during Army show of force in Monas Square


V 150

The Commando V-150 has a crew of 2 and if necessary able to carry 10 more soldiers. Beside the Cadillac Gage T-150 turret, a secondary armament of an M60 7.62 GPMG can be installed on the rear hatch. Passenger are able to fire their weapon when the vehicle is in motion.

The Army received this vehicle around 1980s. About 100+ are now in service in various places

gladitni4.jpg (20093 bytes)

V-150 during army parade


The Commando V-150 in this picture is equipped with a Cadillac Gage T-150 one-man turret. each turret is capable of accepting 2x (twin) .30 cal LMG or a single and/or combination of .30 cal + .50cal Heavy MGs. It seems currently that both the MG's are not visible but a search light is installed instead. both V-100 and the V-150 has the same main headlamps.



Renault VAB

The basic VAB is fully amphibious, propelled in the water by two water jets mounted one either side of hull rear. Standard equipment includes power steering. Options include additional armour, night-vision equipment, an air-conditioning system, a central tyre-pressure regulation system and improved power pack. (article taken from Jane's)

The army was actually planning to procure 89 units of this vehicle to be used by Jakarta Military Command to replace V-150, which will be transferred to other military command (KODAM). Due to economic turmoil that happened in 1997, the planning is vanished. No exact information on how many the army has, some says they received 50 of them, some says they received only 18 of them.

This vehicle now in service with Jakarta Military Command.





Panhard VBL

Panhard VBL is one of  vehicle that acquired during army modernization period in 1990s. Rumors says that army originally planned to have 100+ of them and put them in the service for all Military Command (KODAM) in Java as the reconnaissance vehicle. Army started receive the vehicle around 1995. Economic crisis forced the shipment to be discontinued. 

The army only received 18. All of them are in service with West Java Military Command.

Fully amphibious, the VBL is propelled in the water by a single propeller mounted under the rear of the hull. It has a maximum water speed of 4.5km/h.

Standard equipment includes an NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) protection system and passive night-vision equipment. All production VBLs are fitted with a central tyre-pressure regulation system and power steering, but there are many options including an NBC system and air-conditioning system. (article taken from Jane's)




Commando Scout

The Commando Scout's main use is in finding a foe and getting that information back to higher command levels; it is not intended to slug it out with larger enemies.

The Scout has a low silhouette, with a long, sloping glacis. The sides and rear are also sloped, so the hull's cross-section is diamond-shaped when viewed from the front. The driver is seated front left, with the powerplant to his right. The 1-man turret with 360 traverse (elevation -10/+55) is sited over the rear axle, and can traverse 45/second. The Scout's armor is proof vs. 7.62mm ball. (Article taken from SJ Games)

The army received these vehicles around 1980s. All of them are in service with Presidential and VVIP Guard.





BTR-40 was acquired during massive arms acquisition in the 1960s from former USSR. The Army was believed to receive 200+ of this vehicle. Most of them later upgraded and modernized by Army Weapon Industry around 1980s. Some of them were transferred to Police Mobile Brigade (BRIMOB).

The army has around 140+ of them in inventory right now. They are in service with Military Command (KODAM) in Sulawesi and Irian (Papua).





APC A. Yani was built by the Army Weapon Industry based on the design of ACMAT VBLA. No information on how many the army has, or how is the project going.