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These are recent photographs of British-built Scorpions and their sub-types in Indonesian Armed Service (ABRI). These pictures are actually Scorpion 90 armed with the Cockerill Mk3M-A1 90mm gun and CSE 90 turret  that were upgraded by CMI (headquartered in Seraing, Belgium). 

The Army was believed to have 70 of this tanks in this inventory. The first batch (45) arrived during 1995-1996 and the second batch (35) arrived during 1996-1997. Most of them are upgunned with 90mm gun.  These tanks are in service with Kostrad First Division tanks battalion (Cilodong, West Java) and Army cavalry training center.



Alvis Scorpion during military exercise



Scorpion during Kostrad anniversary celebration



There are over than 270 AMX-13 in service with the armed forces(ABRI) at this moment. These tanks are in service with Regional Military Command (Kodam) in Sumatra and Java. Also in service with Kostrad Second Division tanks Battalion (Kepanjen, East Java).

The main armament seems to be of the 90mm gun. Secondary armament is the standard FNC MAG 7.52 with a search light. all vehicles are painted in the three tone colors but none of them has the same pattern. with an overall heigh of 2.3 meters, these AMX-13 are small in size, their size are no more taller than a Saladin Armored car or the Scorpion . Because of the small size, it looks as though the 90mm gun dwafted the whole vehicle. more or less, each tank has a slightly different cammo pattern. the only thing that gives these AMX-13 the new look away is the track's rubber pads, which is pretty much used.

There are many variant of this tank, such as; ambulance, bridge layer, fire support, APC, and air defense vehicle. There are hundreds of APC version (AMX-VTT and AMX-VCI) that in service with the army.

AMX-13 during army exhibition




AMX-13 during Kostrad anniversary celebration


AMX ambulance armored vehicle


latihan2.jpg (13786 bytes)

AMX Bridge Tank in action



Indonesia is the newest Stormer customer. No exact information on how many the army has. Some source believe they have 50+, some say they have almost hundred of them. Army has received a number of variants, including the armored personnel carrier, command post vehicle, ambulance, recovery, bridge layers and logistics vehicle.

These armored tracked vehicle are in service with Regional Military Command (Kodam) in Java and Kostrad reconnaissance companies in both division.

Stormer Command Vehicle


Stormer APC


Stormer ARV during Kostrad anniversary celebration. In the first picture you can see the ambulance version in the background.



Stormer High-Mobility Load Carrier (HMLC)

The HMLC is used by Britain and Indonesia. The HMLC is a flatbed version of the Stormer, used to carry loads that the Streaker cannot and in combat situations that the Streaker cannot handle. A crane (1.5-ton capacity) may be fitted. It may be fitted with a variety of pallets and containers. (Article taken from Paul Mulchacy Website)